who we are

Global Business Society is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of international affairs and building students skills to study and work overseas. Bi-weekly general body meetings provide a friendly atmosphere to discuss international business. 

we are.....

A group committed to equipping students with the tools needed to succeed professionally worldwide

A forum for discussing international issues as they relate to the international marketplace

An avenue for students to learn

more about opportunities at

and beyond UF to study

abroad, intern, work, and more

A social crowd that means business

Meet The Team

Miriam Grant

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Natalie Grant

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Jason Ward

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Courtney Kreiling

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VP of Communications


Jeannette Rodriguez

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Gabriela Harmon

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VP of Finance


Yilin Shao

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Data and Analytics 


Caro Medelius

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Director of Marketing 


Katie Seropian

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Director of Involvement

Cassandra Emelianchik

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Alejandra Carrasquilla

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Archie Nykamp

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