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Exchange students


Travel around the city of Gainesville + the state of Florida  

Understand what life is like as a Florida Gator

Participate in our

GBS excursions


intercultural meetings

Make life-long American friends

What's a Global Gator Guide?

The main focus of our Gator Guide Program is to match you – the exchange student – with a UF student to help you transition to life on campus. 


The goal of the program is to create lasting connections with international business students while they learn and grow here at UF.

We encourage our gator guides to reach

out to their student and connect them to resources, communities, and events within the Heavener School of Business & our local Gainesville community.



​​GBS was arguably the best thing that happened to me while at UF. Thanks to GBS, I met a lot of new people from such diverse countries, I had the chance to participate in so many events and most importantly I felt part of a strong community. In GBS, everyone is ready to show you around Florida and give you information about UF, and as an exchange student I found all of that very important for having the best time I could think of. Go gators :)



The best part of my exchange journey is being a member of the gator guides family. My guide helped me get accustomed to my new life in Gainesville with more fun. All the events organized by GGG enable me to make friends with both local and international students, and it helped me discover more about American and other countries cultures. Thanks to all the global gator guides, I have had such a fruitful and unforgettable 4 months. If you want to enjoy your exchange in UF, you should join GGG! Go gator forever!



The Gator Guides were really crucial in making the exchange experience unforgettable here at UF. I met so many people thanks to the various events and we were able to discover American traditions as well as to feel part of the whole community. I highly recommend attending the most events possible, as they are great to build relationships with locals and other exchange students, and to learn from them. For me, it was definitely a plus and I cannot thank them enough for what they did for us.

Testimonials from Exchange Students​

Point System

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