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spring 2024 Meetings

Global Business Society hosts meetings every Tuesday at 6:30PM with each week alternating in the type of meeting being hosting.  We have biweekly General Body Meetings and biweekly Gator Guide Committee Meetings, each meeting taking place during the week the other meeting is not being hosted. 

Our General Body Meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend, including but not limited to Gator Guides, Exchange Students, and General Body Members.

Our Gator Guide Committee Meetings are geared toward Gator Guides as within them we plan events, work on our semester yearbook, and find sponsorship opportunities for GBS!

GBM: UF secrets - Jan 10

hvnr 150 


gbm: cultural iceberg - jan 24

bry 232


global gathering - feb 6

hough 120


gbm: business abroad - feb 20

hvnr 140


ggg committee meeting #1 - Jan 16

hvnr 260


gbm: study abroad talks - Jan 30

bry 232


ggg committee meeting #2 - feb 13

hvnr 260


ggg committee meeting #3 - feb 27

hvnr 260


gbm: alumni panel - march 5

hvnr 140


ggg committee meeting #4 - mar 19

bry 232

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