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The Global Business Society's Hall of Fame was launched to inspire through the example of others that have made significant contributions to this organization and the community. The characteristics of these students consist of professional excellence, social responsibility, and honorable leadership.

The hall of fame

Leadership. Excellence. Diversity. 

Jeannette Rodriguez

During Jeannette’s time in GBS, she took on many leadership roles, starting as the Events Committee Head and then becoming the Global Gator Guide Chairman, Vice President, and eventually serving as the President for the 2021-2022 year. As president, she revived GBS post Covid-19 through events, meetings, and mentorships through the GGG program. Under her leadership, GBS won the UF Heavener School of Business “2021-2022 Student Organization of the Year”. 


Over the 3 years that Makayla was part of GBS, she grew from being part of the yearbook team to eventually become the Historian. Despite the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, she helped introduce new activities and records for the organization including the alumni network and recommendations guide. Due to her collaborative work with the "Black Students in Business" organization, GBS was able to receive the 2021 Heavener Citizenship Award for the "Intersectionality Abroad".




I was involved since my freshman year, when I was awarded Gator Guide of the year. Then I also served as GGG Chairman and later as President. Under my presidency we restarted the tradition of having a printed yearbook, which the organization has really taken off with. GBS has truly become my family over the years. My primary goal was to establish a sense of home for our exchange students on campus. Through this process GBS has also fully catapulted my career and brought me genuine, lifelong friends. My favorite part is getting to share our cultures with each other and watching friendships develop.

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Marketing Executive

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Miriam Grant


Miriam's been actively involved with GBS for three years. From starting in a Committee, Miriam went on to become Vice President and ultimately became President of GBS. During her time on the E-Board, Miriam was able to enhance the committee groups, increase enrollment in the competitive Gator Guide Program, establish new avenues for sponsorships and even managed the Heavener Cup Event. During her presidency, GBS was also awarded the 2020 Citizenship Award.

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Cheyenne transformed the International Business Society into the Global Business Society and founded our award winning Global Gator Guide program. Under her leadership, GBS was awarded Best Organization in Heavener and won best program for GGG. Cheyenne also earned the honor of Student Exec Member of the Year during her tenure as President of GBS. 

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From starting off as a Gator Guide, then into Vice President and finally President, Charles embodies what is meant by a leader. Throughout his academic year as president, Charles was able to increase our attendance at Global Business Society meetings, increasing GGG applications and making a name for GBS within the business school. Through all his hard-work and effort, GBS was able to earn the Warrington College of Business Citizenship Award. 

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Rachel Austin spent 4 years in GBS and GGG. From Guide to Chairman to VP to President, she spread her passion and love for the program with everyone around her. During her time with GBS, she helped establish the Gator Guides Committee and improved transparency and communication between exec, GBS, and GGG.  



Over the two years that Alma was actively involved in GBS, she made a positive impact as a Gator Guide, pioneer of the Mentor/Mentee program, and the head of the communications committee. Alma re-ignited the re-creation of the GBS yearbook, helped facilitate an Alumni Listserv for GBS members, and created the bi-weekly newsletter. During her time in GBS, Alma received a scholarship from the Tau Sigma National Honor Society. 

Gabriela Harmon


Gabriela was involved in GBS for three years. Gabriela served as the President during the COVID-19 pandemic and designed and implemented organizational strategies leading to the successful virtual transition of activities. As a result of Gabriela’s innovative solutions to challenges faced throughout the year, the BCC recognized the Global Gator Guides program as Outstanding Program of the Year and GBS with the Citizenship Award. Gabriela was recognized by the BCC as Student Officer of the Year.



Emma served as both a Gator Guide and the GGG Chairwoman during her time in GBS. She states that her involvement in the club was the single most rewarding part of her college experience and she has learned so much from both her peers and the rest of the executive board. She has enjoyed being able to keep in contact with former exchange students and visit them in their home countries all around the world! She hopes GBS will continue to be one of Heavener’s top student-run organizations and to be an alumni contact for years to come!

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Hali's great leadership ability and dedication resulted in the accomplishment of the Global Gator Guide program becoming the Best Heavener Program for two years running.

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Through his term as GGG chairman, Brad was able to revitalize the program and put into place committees that facilitated the way the program runs and takes in the feedback from exchange students and gator guides alike. Because of his hard effort, GBS oversaw 100+ Gator Guide applications and earned the Warrington College of Business Citizenship award. 

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Ashley actively strived to distinguish GBS's programs and events, leading GBS to receive the Best Program of the year award for Global Gator Guides. It was under Ashley's leadership that GBS introduced its interactive cultural sessions in addition to its guest speakers.

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Farooq was a scholarship study abroad student at UF during Fall 2018. He is a Dual Citizen of France & the UK, but is originally Syrian, and is studying Finance at Prince Sultan University in Saudi Arabia. During his time at UF, Farooq joined nearly a dozen student organizations and clubs, including Delta Sigma Pi, where he was awarded Most Valuable Pledge. In GBS, he won The Amazing Race, and before concluding the semester he was the only exchange student in his batch to receive the Golden Gator pin.

student of the semester

The Gator Guide and Exchange Student of the Semester awards are presented to Global Gator Guides and exchange students who have made a positive impact in the organization. Each award is based on participation in events, involvement, and initiative taken to further advance the program as a whole.





Alma became a part of GBS in Spring 2020 and has already made such an impact to the organization. From starting as a Fall Forward and then joining the Communications committee, Alma was a pivotal member in creating our bi-weekly newsletter and interacting with other guides. Additionally, Alma was part of GBS's first mentee/mentor program which enhanced her leadership perspective. 

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Gonçalo is a third year Business Admin major at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics in Portugal. He's done so much during his time here, from making a ton of friends all over UF, to winning first place in a P&G case competition, to being the only member of our intramural kickball team who got us any runs. Even the cashiers at Tijuana Flats know him as "G, the sweet Portuguese guy who's always smiling".

Tati, a fourth year Marketing and Statistics major, has put so much effort into GBS during her first semester as a guide. Several exchange students have personally told us how great she's made their experiences here at UF.



Jeffrey Flores

Jeffrey at the start of his Spring 2017 semester showed signs of not only being an exemplary gator guide but an exceptional leader. From participating in events and interacting with the exchange students and guides alike, Jeffrey showed his commitment and interest in furthering Global Business Society. 

Namjoon Kim

Namjoon was one of our most active exchange students during the Spring 2017 semester. Namjoon embodies what we hope our exchange students get out of our program but also what they get out of studying abroad. Namjoon was a risk-taker, always engaging himself with our activites and others around Gainesville and the U.S.

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