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What is the difference between a General Member, Fall Forward, and Gator Guide?

Anyone can become a General Member by attending our General Body Meetings which are open to everyone every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM in HVNR 160. The difference between being a General Member and a Gator Guide is that Gator Guides are formally paired with an exchange student for the semester and are expected to attend most GBS events, including General Body Meetings, outside events, and Gator Guide Committee Meetings. Applications to become a Gator Guide typically open toward the end of the semester previous to the semester one is applying to be a Gator Guide in. Those who do not receive the position of a Gator Guide may be offered a position as a Fall/Spring Forward, where they are welcomed to come to all GBS events and are guaranteed a foreign exchange student pair the following semester.

What events are for what members?

General Body Members are welcome to come to all General Body Meetings and select events. Fall/Spring Forwards and Gator Guides are able to attend all events, which include General Body Meetings, events such as excursions and trips, and Gator Guide Committee Meetings.

How do I become a Global Gator Guide?

Currently our applications for Fall 2024 are open! Our applications are linked on the home page of our website and are due March 19th.

What are other ways to earn points in addition to mandatory events?

Members can receive up to 2 additional points per month by submitting the point submission form found on our website. These points can be earned by submitting proof of you hanging out with your pairing or with other GBS members outside of our events!

What are GBS social events?

GBS social events are events offered outside of our mandatory events that give our members that opportunity to earn extra points while exploring Gainesville and even other parts of Florida! As previously stated these events are not mandatory, but are a great way to spend more time with other GBS members while earning points.

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