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Gator guide & exchange
students of the month

March 2024


Exchange Student of the Month - Dain Koh

“GBS helped me a lot to get used to UF life. First and foremost, I am so grateful to my Gator Guides, Yumna and Shivani, whom I met through GBS, for helping me adapt to UF in various ways. It was also an amazing experience to engage in various activities with students from different countries. My favorite GBS events have been trip to St.Augustine and Moo-ket!"


Gator Guide of the Month - Andres Lopez

"GBS has also allowed me to connect with a lot of great people and cultures while also teaching me valuable professional skills as well. I’ve grown a lot due to my time with GBS and I’m excited to see what the future has in store!  My Favorite event is the Moo Market because it’s a great place to socialize while petting the animals and eating some great food"

february 2024


Exchange Student of the Month - Lydia Stani

“From orientation in the first week to all the events that have followed, GBS has been a big part of making me feel settled into life at UF! It’s been such a great way to experience activities around Gainesville and meet both American and international students. My favourite events have been zip lining and the farmer’s moo-ket!"


Gator Guide of the Month - Caitlin Herzog

"My time in GBS has brought me lifelong friendships and memories that I’ll forever cherish. I couldn’t be more grateful for this org for bringing these amazing people into my life and allowing me to connect with students from all over the world.


My favorite event this year would have to be the Amazing Race! It’s always exciting to first meet everyone, knowing how close we’re all going to get throughout the semester."

january 2024


Exchange Student of the Month - Sebastian Mertaniemi

“GBS community has definitely made me feel welcome here at UF, and I’ve gotten a chance to meet so many amazing people from the US and all across the world!”

grace wright.jpg

Gator Guide of the Month - Grace Wright

"Joining GBS has allowed me to share the culture that I grew up with, while simultaneously make long-lasting relationships with others who love culture as much as I do. I love learning about the little details of different cultures across the globe, and making an impact on the experiences of our exchange students. My favorite event has been going to Moo Market, where I not only got to pet friendly cows, but enjoy the food and the company of my fellow GBS members."

november 2023 


Exchange Student of the Month - Abdulrahman Awad

“Joining the GBS community has been an astounding journey filled with many fun activities, unique experiences, and never-ending memories.”


Gator Guide of the Month - Diana Ruiz

"Because of GBS, I’ve met so many amazing people from all across the globe. I’ve made lifelong friendships and lasting memories through this organization, and I couldn’t be more grateful."

october 2023 


Exchange Student of the Month - Minhyuk Hong

"GBS truly enriches my exchange experience with a warm, diverse global community, making it fulfilling. My favorite GBS event memory is at Lake Wauburg, where the view was indescribable, and playing beach volleyball with GBS friends was immensely enjoyable."


Gator Guide of the Month - Kathryn Davis

"I love the amazing friends (both exchange and UF students!) I have met through the GBS community and the lifelong connections I now have with people from all across the world! My favorite GBS memory was bobbing for apples at the Fall Festival or jumping into Lake Wauberg."

September 2023 

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-27 at 17.04_edite

Exchange Student of the Month - Viktor Hurup

"I’m from Aarhus Denmark, I’m studying economics and business administration with the intention of starting on my finance major next year. I love talking to new people and making friends all over the world, so GBS is the perfect fit for me! As an exchange student with only one semester abroad, GBS is giving me an amazing opportunity to experience both American culture and become friends with other exchange students. My favorite activity so far was either bowling or st. Augustine, and I’m sure there will be many more great events throughout the semester"


Gator Guide of the Month - Selina Massman

"I was born in Naples, FL and also raised in SWFL to two German parents. I am a 2nd year Marketing Student with a Minor in German and Meteorology. Being surrounded by different cultures was normal to me growing up and I have friends from all around the world. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to learn from others what makes their culture so special and to experience their food and traditions. I am so happy that I have found GBS during my time in college and that I am able to help students from all around the world get used to the American life for a semester. I am forever grateful for the connections I have made and look forward to what’s to come."

March 2023 


Exchange Student of the Month - Luke Kim

Our exchange student of the month is Luke Kim from Seoul, South Korea! He is a senior at Korea University Business School and this is his second time studying abroad. Some of his favorite GBS activities include s'mores night, paintball, the St. Augustine trip, and the easter egg hunt. He loves meeting new people and sharing his favorite music and movies, as well as playing sports.


Gator Guide of the Month - Mia Garcia

Our gator guide of the month is Mia Garcia! Mia is a senior business student from Tampa, FL. One of her favorite GBS memories is carving pumpkins during Halloween time and getting to watch the bats come out of their houses. A fun fact about her is that she knows an unusual amount of shark facts.



Exchange Student of the Month - Julien Goniak

Our exchange student of the month is Julien Goniak from Skema Business School in France. He loves how GBS was so welcoming when he arrived at UF and has enjoyed Krishna lunch, the paintball event, and game night. One of his favorite GBS memories was making it to the playoffs for beach volleyball intramurals.


Gator Guide of the Month - Lauren Bosi

Our gator guide of the month is Laura Bosi. Laura is a fourth-year business administration major from Miami. She joined GBS last Spring because she loves learning about other cultures. Being a gator guide and getting to know the exchange students inspired her to take part in an exchange program last fall in Milan, Italy. Two of her favorite events this semester were the trip to St. Augustine and going to the Moo Market.

JanUARY 2023 


Exchange Student of the Month - Mathilde Clerc

Our exchange student of the month is Mathilde Clerc from Grenoble Ecole de Management in Grenoble, France. She is a member of her school's soccer team as well as an entrepreneurship organization. She loves meeting new people and discovering new cultures. Her favorite GBS event so far was Busch Gardens.


Gator Guide of the Month - Jai Malik

Our gator guide of the month is Jai Malik. Jai is a third-year business administration major from Orlando. His favorite hobbies include playing basketball, dancing, and hanging out with his friends. One of his favorite GBS memories was going to Busch Gardens and convincing his exchange student to try all of the rides.

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