Global Business Society meetings focus on bringing together students that are interested in international affairs, working and studying abroad and those seeking to get a better understanding of the world around of us. If any of the items previously listed interest you, we really hope to see you at our meetings that are held every other Tuesday in Heavener 240 at 6:30 pm. We look forward to seeing your face among the crowd!

spring 2020 Meetings

UF Student secrets

Jan. 7th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 160


Want to know more about UF traditions?   Want to hear how football works before the big game? Learn about these topics and more at the UF Secrets event led by Global Gator Guides.  This will be a relaxed conversation.  We will also be asking you to share your hobbies back at home.

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Global Gathering Exchange Fair

 Jan. 28th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 160


This event is mandatory for exchange students as it is the signature event for connecting international students and UF students.  This is your chance to convince UF students to study at your host school next year.


 Feb. 11th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 240


Some parts of a culture are easy to see; we can taste their food, listen to their music, and hear their language.  But there's a world of characteristics and values below the surface that are a lot harder to observe

without learning about them. Join us to

find out what's under those cultural

icebergs and why it's important to stay conscious of what's not so easy to see.



 Feb. 25th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 240


Come hear from the CEO and founder of Colibri Content, Rebecca Dossantos!

Her digital content marketing agency helps businesses reach their audiences by strategizing and implementing unique online marketing plans. The team, called Freebirds, are bilingual Latin American experts united by a common mission to bring more opportunities and business to Latin America.

tedx talks 

March 17th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 240


Come and participate in our TEDx Talks, delivered by students who have gone abroad themselves. Each keynote speaker has participated in one of the many Warrington programs, in different countries and continents. Come to hear about their experience!  


March 31st | 6:30 PM | HVNR 240


BARNGA is a simulation game that encourages participants to critically consider normative assumptions and cross-cultural communication. It was created by Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan in 1980, while working for USAID in Gbarnga, Liberia. He and his colleagues were trying to play Euchre but all came away from the instructions with different interpretations. He had an ‘A-ha’ moment that conflict arises not (only) from major or obvious cultural differences but often from subtle, minor cues. He created the game to tease out these subtleties.


April 14th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 240

Our annual elections decide the executive board for the following year. All positions will be up for grabs and are available to any GBS member or Gator Guide, from President to Historian. You must sign up beforehand and dress in business professional. Everyone is welcome to vote!

Potluck & Panel 

April 21st | 6:30 PM | HVNR 240

Come out to our last hoorah of the year with our potluck & panel event. Bring a traditional dish from your country, and come out with your questions for our panelists (including questions for exchange students!)


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