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Global Business Society meetings focus on bringing together students that are interested in international business, working and studying abroad and those seeking to get a better understanding of the world around of us. If any of the items previously listed interest you, we hope that you will join us at our meetings that are held every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM. We look forward to seeing your face among the crowd!

Click here to check out recordings of our past meetings!

spring 2022 Meetings

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amazing race

Aug 23 | 11:00 AM | HVNR 240


Exchange students meet their Gator Guides and participate in an informational session where students are placed into groups and compete in a series of team-building activities that allow them to learn about the university’s history and traditions in a fun and engaging way.



UF secrets

Jan 6th | 12:00 PM | HVNR240

Exchange students rotate through different stations at which members of GBS share information about the Heavener School of Business, University of Florida, and Gainesville community.


Global Gathering

Feb 1st | 6:30 | Hough Hall


After a short informational presentation on Heavener’s different exchange programs, exchange students are given the opportunity to present information about their universities in an interactive activity. This provides students with information on Heavener’s different exchange programs and an opportunity to network with exchange students to gain insight on studying abroad from their first-hand experiences.


Downtown Food & arts tour

Feb 4th | 6:30 PM | HVNR Globe


Our Gator Guide members lead a tour of the artwork and historical sites in downtown Gainesville and students gather at Bo Diddley Plaza at the end of the tour to share a meal of foods from different restaurants downtown.


Gators & guns

Feb 27th | 12:00 PM | HVNR Globe


Guides and their exchange students will go to Shoot Gainesville Target Range to learn how to shoot a gun and practice on a shooting range, getting the full “American experience”.

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St. Augustine

Mar 19th | 8:00 AM | HVNR Globe


Students take a day trip to St. Augustine to explore the historical sights of the city, enjoy local shops and eatery, and end the day as a group enjoying the beach.

Previous Meetings

Check out recordings from our meetings last semester!


Sept. 29th | 6:30 PM | Virtual


During our first general body meeting, guest speakers Makayla Nicholas and Sydney Patterson shared their experiences studying abroad and their respective insights and takeaways. The TedX Talks were especially interesting this semester, as both speakers were studying abroad during the outbreak of COVID19.


Click here to watch a recording of the meeting.

GBS X Career connections

Oct. 5th | 10:00 AM | Virtual

Experience changes everything. What do you want to accomplish at UF and after? This presentation will help you identify various ways to pursue meaningful experiences that will help you grow personally and professionally during your time at the University of Florida.


Check out the presentation here!

Alumni panel

 Oct. 20th | 6:30 PM | Zoom


This GBM brought back old GBS alumni to share their international experiences during undergrad that led them to where they are today.This event allowed members to network and learn from Gator Alum within the field of international business. 

Click here to watch a recording of the meeting.