Global Business Society meetings focus on bringing together students that are interested in international business, working and studying abroad and those seeking to get a better understanding of the world around of us. If any of the items previously listed interest you, we hope that you will join us at our meetings that held every other Tuesday at 6:30 PM. We look forward to seeing your face among the crowd!

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FALL 2020 Meetings

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Sept. 29th | 6:30 PM | Virtual


During our first general body meeting, guest speakers Makayla Nicholas and Sydney Patterson shared their experiences studying abroad and their respective insights and takeaways. The TedX Talks were especially interesting this semester, as both speakers were studying abroad during the outbreak of COVID19.


Click here to watch a recording of the meeting.


GBS X Career connections

Oct. 5th | 10:00 AM | Virtual

Experience changes everything. What do you want to accomplish at UF and after? This presentation will help you identify various ways to pursue meaningful experiences that will help you grow personally and professionally during your time at the University of Florida.


Check out the presentation here!



Week of Oct. 5th | Virtual


 Facilitated by Multicultural & Diversity Affairs at UF, REAL Talk workshops are designed to celebrate and raise awareness about the multiple identities that comprise each of us and make up the University of Florida. This week, in place of a general body meeting, GBS is encouraging all members to attend at least one workshop. MCDA hosts workshops every week.

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Alumni panel

 Oct. 20th | 6:30 PM | Zoom


Join us as we welcome GBS alumni back to share how their international experiences during undergrad shaped their careers and key advice that they have for students. This event will allow you to network and learn from Gator Alum within the field of international business. 

Click here to watch a recording of the meeting.


 Oct. 29th | 6:00 PM | Zoom


 CAP Mentors will join us to talk about how to best utilize the study abroad experience you've already had (or are thinking about having) in professional situations. They will also discuss transferable skills, creating a multidimensional resume, and casually bringing up your study abroad experience in recruiting conversations & interview scenarios.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 971 9901 4879

Passcode: 671930



 Nov. 5th | 6:30 PM | Zoom


Come hear from the CEO and founder of Colibri Content and UF grad , Rebecca Dossantos! Her digital content marketing agency helps businesses reach their audiences by strategizing and implementing unique online marketing plans. The team, called Freebirds, are bilingual Latin American experts united by a common mission to bring more opportunities and business to Latin America.

Zoom Link:

Planning Travels

Intersectionality abroad - the black experience

 Nov. 17th | 6:30 PM | Zoom


During this meeting, GBS will host a panel of Black students and alumni who will share how their racial and ethnic identity impacted their international experience and address issues related to the recruitment and support of Black students in study abroad programs at UF. 

Zoom Link:


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