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FALL 2023 Meetings


amazing race

August 22nd | 12 PM | HVNR 150


Exchange students meet their Gator Guides and participate in an informational session where students are placed into groups and compete in a series of team-building activities that allow them to learn about the university’s history and traditions in a fun and engaging way.



krishna lunch

August 25th | 12:00 PM | Plaza of the Americas

All are welcome to join us at Plaza of the Americas for Krishna Lunch! This is a great event to casually get to know other GBS members in a fun setting.



August 27th | 1 PM | Reitz Union


Thanksgiving makes its appearance early...let's get some "turkeys." Come bowling with us for a fun on-campus activity!


Game night

August 31st | 6:30 PM | HVNR 250


Join us for game night with some friendly competition of Uno, card games, and more!

lake wauburg

September 3rd | 1:00 PM | Gator Globe

Guides, exchange students, and all friends from the business school and abroad are welcome to join us for a day at Lake Wauburg and participate in field day activities. Everyone pairs in teams and are challenged in physical/mental activities in order to be crowned winners!



global gathering

September 12th | 6:30 PM | HGH 120


Meet international students from some of the best business schools in the world and learn how you can study abroad while paying low UF tuition. The event will feature international students studying at UF, the Global Business Society Executive Board, UF Advisors from the Master of International Business Program (MIB), and UF Advisors from Heavener International Programs.


downtown food and arts tour

September 22nd | 5:00 PM | Gator Globe


Our Gator Guide members lead a tour of the artwork and historical sites in downtown Gainesville and students gather at Bo Diddley Plaza at the end of the tour to share a meal of foods from different restaurants downtown.


great global snack crawl

October 1st | 1:00 PM | Plaza of Americas


Gather with us in the Plaza of Americas for a picnic-style feast consisting of American snacks! Bring one of your favorite American snacks to share with international students in a "potluck" setting. 


pumpkin carving and bat houses

October 22nd | 5:30 PM | Lake Alice


Join with us at Lake Alice for Halloween themed activities! In addition to pumpkin carving, we will tour the inside of bat houses to get into the spooky Halloween spirit!

IMG_6033 (1).HEIC

Family feud

November 8th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 160


Have fun with fellow GBS members and exchange students by participating in this classic gameshow!

IMG_9962 (1).HEIC

thanksgiving potluck

November 17th | 5:30 PM | HVNR 140


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! In order to give our international students the authentic American Thanksgiving experience, bring a dish of your own for a potluck-styled feast!


holiday party

November 28th | 6:30 PM | HVNR 160


Celebrate with us to get into the holiday spirit! As our last GBS event of the fall semester, we are not only going to be celebrating the various holidays that our members celebrate, but as well as the end to a great semester!

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